Leafcup® Rosy Rose Hip BIO




Indulge in the delicate charm of Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Rosy Rose Hip Tea.

Experience the floral symphony crafted with premium rose hips, all conveniently packed with LeafCup® technology.

Let the aromatic infusion bring a touch of elegance to your tea moments.

This invigorating herbal tea is packed with the goodness of rosehips, offering a tangy and refreshing taste.

Savour the natural sweetness and enjoy the health benefits of this antioxidant-rich infusion.

Whether enjoyed hot or iced, Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Rosy Rose Hip Tea is a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a fruity and revitalizing brew.

Elevate your tea rituals with this exquisite blend and embrace the natural beauty and flavours of rosehips.

PL-EKO-01 EU Certified Organic


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